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Let's try and get this place active again!

Feel free to promote us, affiliate with us, etc.

And remember to vote! (Spam comments with video links are not votes.)

MOD POST - Unova Theme

Today we are starting a new theme. The theme is Unova (Generation V) Pokemon. Any Pokemon that is new to the game as of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White is available as a stamping option.

The usual rules apply: Be nice, bold your votes, etc. Please put "Unova" somewhere in your subject line so that we know which theme you are applying for.

Also, please do not screen your comments. I understand not wanting sheep votes but it makes it easier for stamping in case someone helps me.

On to the application!

Have fun!

MOD POST - Stamps, New Theme, and more

Let's try and get this comm up and running again!

Firstly, I am going to try and get stamp images to everyone who is owed one. The images for the Legendary theme are done (thank you starlord for the lovely stamps!) and I think I am going to redo the others (bit of a daunting task so the regular stamps may still have a delay, as I want to try and get them all done rather than making them as needed). For those waiting on Type theme stamps, those who have two types will now be getting two stamps so I don't have to try and make one for every single possible type combination.

Secondly, I am going to be stamping any unstamped applications that now have enough votes. Those who aren't the Legendary theme application may have a bit of a wait on a stamp image, but those of you awaiting a regular stamp so that you can apply for themes will now be able to do so. Which brings me to...

Thirdly, we are going to start a new theme on Friday. This will not be the "Who would be your Trainer" theme I had mentioned as being the next theme a couple years ago; it will be Unova Pokemon. Even though these Pokemon will now be available as options for the regular application, I think it would be fun to have a special theme to celebrate the fifth generation of Pokemon (albeit a rather delayed one).

Fourthly, since unfortunately the Pokemon lookalikes community seems to have little to no activity any more, I'd like to know if people would be interested in adding mirror themes to this community, whether they be "which Pokemon do you look like?" or "which Gym Leader/Elite Four/Champion do you look like?", "which Trainer class do you look like?", etc. Let me know in a reply if you're interested, and if I get enough positive responses I can make it a future theme.

Lastly, if you want this community to begin thriving again, please feel free to promote where you can and let everyone know we're back in business.



Sorry to let this community die for so long! I'd like to bring it back if anyone is interested in helping me maintain it (mostly need someone who has time to make stamps and stamp members).

If this gets going to the point where it's really active again I was thinking of doing Unova (Gen V) Pokemon as a theme.


Hi I don't know what I'm doing

I kind of don't get LJ in general so I really, really hope I'm doing this right.

sweet dreams are made of thisCollapse )